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By Deja Vu
Hello folks of Las Venturas RP I'm here today to give you some insight into how you should begin roleplaying in most of organized crime groups. By all means this does not apply to ALL but most. We will mainly focus on LCN (Italian American mob) to give you a general view. This guide is for players who do not have a lot of experience in this field.

Selecting a Name

If you think you'd be fine with just looking up an italian name on the name generator website you're wrong. Here's how I would suggest you work on this. First of all you must understand that except the few rare sicilian crews in New York 90 percent of the mob are people who are 3rd-6th generation of Italian American meaning that all they know is US of A. Most of them can't understand nothing in Italian. What does this have to do with the name? You're gonna' need to use an American_Italian template such as George Fino, Robert Pascera and so on. Now here's the entire process YOU should go through. Go to an Italian name generator and select a lastname you like for your character. Google the lastname only and see what pops up before you end up using an infamous mobster's lastname and give bad first appearances. Afterwards you connect an American first name, any you like. You again double-check on Google the full name now just to be 100 percent sure. Et voila you have your character name.

List of Italian surnames :

Who is my character?

To roleplay well in any character in any faction you must have a good grasp on who your character is as a person. This is the most important factor in the entire guide. Here's what I do when I have a hard time creating a persona. I spawn a notepad and write down the general appearance of my character. Then I write down the general things he likes and things he dislikes. Then I write things that he is bad at and things he is good at (this is the part where I try to bring in more negative than positive sides). To finish off I give the character some mental scars or health conditions. After you're done and you have the spine of your character you can quickly think to why your character is like he is.

Another important thing to know is that NOBODY likes a superhero character who is perfect and can do everything well. On the other hand while you can use your in real life self as a muse for your character I would recommend you not to and rather explore new personalities. In the end game of this part you must be able to answer not only WHAT your character is like but also WHY is he like that.

Approaching the faction

Great so you've settled and registered your character. You are ready to approach the OCG faction you'd love to roleplay with. While usually in SAMP factions don't have that high of standards you are to be aware that standing out in a good way will work miracles in your future and I know that from experience. Majority of wannabe members just come up to more-or-less known members of the faction and ask if they got work. While they will be a weight the member has to lift you should be the wings they fly on. What I mean by that is settle your own little operation ICly. It can even be something that is only RPly and does not make incredible amounts of currency in-game. You can sell stolen merchandise, you can roleplay skimming ATM cards, you can roleplay a legal side job like limo services or selling bootleg DVDs and CDs. There's no limit if you have the imagination for it.

Let's say you've set up yourself with a van and you sell bootleg DVDs. What you can do now is either hang out at the faction's front or if you are persuasive approach one of the members and offer him to help you expand the bootleg media business and he will get a cut of your so called business. While it may sound stupid here's what you are basically doing - you are not asking the faction member to hand RP to you, you are creating roleplay for HIM. Now if you take a peek quickly at the leader's perspective, every leader loves when their members create roleplay not only for themselves but for others too, it's sometimes even the driving force of the entire faction. Members with ideas. Anyways, so the member says yes to your offer and now you are affiliated. What happens after that is all up to you.

Keep in mind there is no wrong template or format to approach but you should use your imagination and stand out that's how you will not only get into the faction but also climb the ranks.

DOs and DONTs

1. Do not base any of your roleplay off movies. You can watch Sopranos or Casino for the understanding of mob motives but do not take anything for a fact as all movies tweak facts to make their viewers impressed.
2. Do take information from modern documentaries and articles. Those are to most part correct but keep in mind some information is outdated.
3. Don't use outdated facts. Continuing on 2nd point, you should not use outdated information like that the mob uses Omerta and obeys it blindly. That used to be a thing but it's an extinct fossil now. Currently gangsters care only about two things : money and themselvese. There's no romance to it that's how it works.
4. Do dress and keep appearance as an upstanding civilian. Every mobster with at least a piece of brain cells knows that they will get unwanted attention if they act and appear as gangsters rather than your usual pedestrian you see daily. That's why you should drive a cheap car, dress in simple clothing and just be a regular joe with criminal acts on the side.
5. Don't abuse stereotypes. I see it far too often. While some stereotypes are true to the bone not all of them fit in and you should cherrypick there.
6. Do look up Mob Talk channel on Youtube. It gives good insight on today's mob.
7. Don't ask for things. Be your own man. Create roleplay for others along the way and it's sure that you will be appreciated.

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