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Certain jobs on Las Venturas:RP will require you to apply for them, more information about those jobs can be found within.

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By Nuke
UCP name: Nuke
Character name: Daniel Hunter
Character age: 26
Character level: (5+ Required for Detective Job) 3

Character's current faction (If any)? DoC (( Not invited yet. ))

Why do you want the detective job? As I said in the previous application, I have always loved trying out new things to rp about or same thing but enhanced this time. And one of the unique and the most jobs that requires roleplay is the Detective one. One of my reasons that I wanted to apply for this job is the whole unique idea of it with the whole bug and the static system. Also one of the biggest reason is to bring more roleplay to the server, as there are currently no Detectives on the server right now, and it would be great if there is atleast one there to bring the rp about it. Aswell to bring many ideas to the server using that Detective job.

How do you intend on using the detective job? Tbh I don't really like posting my ideas, maybe it'll get MG'ed but here goes nothing. I intend to use it secretly between like having a secret place where inside there could be Monitors viewing the CCTVs ( as it would all be rped that I connected it, etc.. ) it all depends on the Admins about it. Also using it legally and not just stalk specific people using it. I would use this job Maturely and wont troll with it for any reason. I'll always keep this strict. Other way I could use it by helping people, as they could also hire me for whatever reasons, somebody robbed their car, their belongings, somebody was kidnapped, etc.. I do have big plans for the job already and that is why I am applying. I would also use the job to assist SASP and other LEOs if they need tracking on any suspect or discover fingerprints. The whole location thingy with the Monitors is still not completely planned. Since I am still having issues on the location on where it should be placed. So the whole thing is I intend to use the Detective job secretly, only the SASP and other LEOs will know about it. Others can also discover my job if it was done IC'ly, if my place was found or my character told any of his friends ( Which possible wont happen but if they caught him inside of the room where the monitors and asked for information, I'll have no choice, But I will make sure so they don't tell anyone.). I also intend to use the job extremely fairly and without abusing it's commands, it all should be done in a very detailed roleplay and if a bug was destroyed I can't just reuse the cmd on that person once again, I'll act as if I failed this mission and I'll have to plant one when I have a realistic chance. Also I won't just be going around planting bugs and static bugs all around. I will only plant these if I have a strong IC reason.

Do you have any previous experience roleplaying as a detective? Yes I do, but the whole thing was about just tracing numbers.

Are you familiar with the way the feature works? Yes, I have completely read the guides and I am familiar with how this feature works.
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