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San Andreas News Network Recruitment

Who are we?
We are the San Andreas News Network, providing you daily, and accurate news, in the right places. We aim to give everyone a great experience, with both listening and working for/with San Andreas News Network. We do Weather forecasting, event live broadcasting, talk shows, live interviews, live on scene reports, and much much more! We're here to offer you a chance to join and see how we do things behind the scenes, apply today for a chance at working with us. SANN offers tons of jobs, below is a list of current open positions, that we will be needing filled.
Open Positions
We are currently offering the following positions:
  • Journalist - What this position does is they gather information on an event, usually live, and they then send it to a Writer, and from there they will write up an article with the information gathered, and will send it to an editor, and the editor will edit it and see if it's valid, and a good article to post.
  • Editor - An editor is the one who will be able to edit any article written by the Journalists, and review it however they will be able to publish it, or not depending on the gathered information, and if the event/story is worth it or valid enough.

Please use the following as the title: [SANN Application] Firstname Lastname
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[divbox=#f1eec1][b]Basic Information:
Forename:[/b] <Answer here>
[b]Surname:[/b] <Answer here>
[b]Age:[/b] <Answer here>
[b]Birthdate:[/b] <Answer here>

[b]School Degrees:[/b] <Answer all degrees here, (I.E High School Degree, College Degree, and/or University degree)>

[b]Why do you want to become a [INSERT JOB TITLE HERE]?[/b]
<Answer here, minimum 200 words>

[b]Do you have any experience with Journalism, and editing?[/b]
<Answer here>

[b]OOC Information:[/b]
[b]Age:[/b] [i](Optional)[/i] <Answer here>
[b]Forum name:[/b] <Answer here>
[b]MA Name:[/b] [i](Optional)[/i]

(( [b][i]Do you understand that, OOCly and ICly you can be removed from the faction at any point if caught doing unrealistic things while holding a full-time job, and if you obtain a harsh admin-record? You also can be removed if you're ICly fucking about, I.E trolling, or being taken on cop chases constantly, if found doing any of these, you will be removed from the faction.(This goes as a mainly IC thing, however if you want to constantly evade police, and I find out, I will remove you without hesitation, as we're trying to go for a professional display.)[/i][/b] ))
<Answer here>

[b]Signature: [i][/i]
[b]Initials:[/b] [i][/i]
Recruitment closes: October 1st, 2018 all applicants will be reviewed within this time but maybe afterwards too. I am the only one who will be reviewing apps for the time being.
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