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Do you wish to lease a business, post your application in here.

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The following application is entirely Out-of-Character and will serve as a way to evaluate candidates to the leasing system, although you may be denied for the IC reasons. We expect you to put your best efforts forth whilst filling the application out. Elaborate on every question to a sufficient level, as lack of effort will quickly get your application automatically denied and trashed. When writing the 'long answer' questions in section 3 - please be as thorough and detailed as possible. Multiple paragraphs per question in the section can come handy, although the Property Management expects you to write as much needed to answer these questions sufficiently.

1.01: List the character's name you're using for leasing the business: Gideon Garcia
1.02: What faction are you apart of / the business would be associated with (if applicable): SASP
1.03: Average playtime: 3-4 a day.
1.04: List all of your recent administrative punishments (if applicable): N/A

2.01: Name of business: Coffee Point
2.02: Business ID: #4 The Craw Bar

3.01: Provide a basic business plan detailing plans via OOC and IC:
The current OOC plan is to create a cop enviroment for law enforcement officers/ or any other government agency to get their cup of coffee and a sandwich during their duty, basically a bar which is always filled with cops. You have a lot of these IRL and I think we can use one on the server that we can also use as a general bar/Cafe.

IC plan: Gideon Garcia Lieutenant within the SASP has recently been talking to a couple investors for the funds to lease and operate a bar/cafe to run in his spare time along with a few friends, for a friendly cop/neighborhood enviroment.

Statement: G. Garcia
  • I, ChampagnePapi hereby oath that all the answers given in this business leasing application were not plagiarized. I also understand all the rules stated in the specific topic and that I will receive punishment if I were to break any of these regulations at any given time. I will try arduously as much as I can while bringing this business to a full extent, if I fail to do so, I fully understand and acknowledge the fact that this business lease will be terminated.
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