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If you have been banned, you may post an appeal within this thread and the banning staff member will handle your appeal.

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[b]IG Name:[/b]

[b]IP Address:[/b]

[b]Date of ban: [/b]

[b]Ban Reason: [/b]

[b]Explanation: [/b]
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By Bauer
IG Name: This is a discord issue so; Bauer#1300

IP Address: Not needed.

Date of ban: 24/SEP/2018 (If im correct)

Ban Reason: Unkown

Explanation: I was kicked from the discord server and assume I've been banned.
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By Eren
Remains in place. You have been trash talking my self and certain staff members to other members of this community, and to staff members. We have no room for that childishness here.
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