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What?! I din't kill anyone, he killed me WTF? is going on here? Everyone is all of a sudden turning on me. He got shot with a deagle, I don't even have one, I'm waiting for this to get resolved so I can get my mp5, why is this taking so long?
Other servers do this so fast.
Take another look this the damages closely, ... height=473, You got damage from a car then fists, someone was after you, don't put any false reports on me.
So to sum this up.

Redzgaming will be punished for breaking the rule of KILLING SOMEONE IN A SAFEZONE.

DreadKingxp you obviously gave him a proper reason to kill you so that does not count as DM. However, you may post a refund request for your MP5 since RedzGaming was in wrong.

Thread CLOSED.
Redsandz Finest

gooniez never say die !! !! :ugeek:


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