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By Eren

Official Faction Guidelines & Requirements

An Official Faction is a faction that has been hand-picked by the Faction Management team after review of its faction thread and application. Every faction leader who is eager to run an official faction must apply as soon as they feel they are suitable and meet the below requirements for Official Status. This allows us, Faction management to keep tabs of your Factions growth and development, and lets us know that your overall goal is to reach Official status.

The application will be reviewed by FM and should your faction be worthy of being official, your faction's activity will be monitored both in-game and on the forums for an unspecified period of time. Before applying, just remember that the factions are the crucial to the server and are seen as a strong representation of our roleplay standards. We will take many aspects into consideration, such as:

-The members, including the leader, must speak English fluently;
-The members must have a clear understanding of both the forum and in-game rules;
-The long-term potential of the faction will be a top priority on our agenda;
-The members must be able to offer roleplay of high standards;
-A faction must be consistent and prove its stability by having an active member base;

Application format below to be sent to the Faction Management inbox.
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[b]Faction Name:[/b] [url=faction thread link]Faction Name[/url] 
[b]Leader's forum & in-game name[/b]: 
[b]Faction Members (in-game & forum names)[/b]: 
[b]What kind of roleplay does your faction provide?[/b]: 
[b]Why do you think you should be given an official slot?[/b]: 
[b]Additional Information[/b]:
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