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By taking the beach

Redsands West is a small sized mid-class community located in Las Venturas. Redsands West is known for it's baseball stadium which houses the minor league baseball team, the Las Venturas Bandits. The area is made up of about 65% Caucasian race, a percentage of 32% Latino race, and 3% Armenian race. The neighborhood is considered to be a low-crime rate area compared to the other neighborhoods in Las Venturas. There have been reports on drug crime and petty theft every few weeks.The neighborhood has been notorious over the years for its thrash scene, as well as its skateboarding scene. In the mid-late 90's, Redsands West was the hub for local house shows in the city, consisting of thrash, punk, and hardcore bands. The neighborhood has its own elementary school, but as students grow, they eventually are enrolled into Las Venturas Highschool.
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