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By Nuke
So.., hi?
Am not really good at introducing myself but I'll try my best and kinda keep this short.

So, my name is Andrew and I am originally from Egypt. my Hobbies are playing basketball or just sitting on my pc playing samp 24/7. I have been roleplaying on samp for like three years now, and I am constantly trying to find new things to roleplay until I came here.

My activity dropped the past few days due to IRL issues but I might head back IG, and I hope that I'll bee seeing all of you there.

And now that I got accepted into the Tester team, I'll try my best to support with all what I can and.. I guess that's it?

I'll see you guys real soon!!
Redsandz Finest

gooniez never say die !! !! :ugeek:


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