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By Eren

Huge Updates

Good Evening all,

It's been a tough few weeks, digesting the huge amount of criticism and suggestions pouring in, the Lead Admin team have been working closely with my self and Stefan to come up with a strategy to hopefully fix the activity issues we are facing. None of this wouldn't be possible without the continued support from you all, so I thank you all for sticking around.

A lot of criticism has been received about the script not being up to scratch. With all new scripts, bugs are found and its just a matter of patching them in a prompt and effective manor, of which we have. Stefan has been working around the clock working on all the bug reports that have been coming in, and we're finally able to say we have dealt with all the bugs that have been reported.

Now, while the script lacks in certain areas, we are still developing and if you cast your memory back to the first announcement, I made a pledge that LV:RP will never stop developing, so with that in mind please have a look at the following of which the development team are working on, and will slowly start rolling out over the coming months.

- Phone System (Custom GUI) (Yes...we will add the /selfie command.)
- Logistics Job (Trucking, Aviation combined.)
- Pizza Delivery Side Job.
- Trash Collection Side Job.
- Hunger System.
- Gambling System.
- /gps (NOW IN)

Web development is constantly in play, we also are in discussions about an IC Social Media platform.

Staff Team
Another issue raised to the Lead Administration Team was the lack of activity and drive from Staff Members, over the last week staff that were under-performing where spoken to and some chose to resign, and others have stepped their game up. Every single current staff member is active, and is passionate with driving success.

I would like to congratulate Ares on being promoted to Level 3 Game Administrator for his constant support, and dedication to the server.

And I would like to welcome Tim to the Staff Team as a Tester - Tester Applications remain open, and I encourage everyone to wishes to get involved to apply.

Event Team
It's no secret, whenever we host events the server begins to fill up, we peaked at 34 a few weekends ago with various events, so we have decided to open up an Events Team populated by Staff and Community members, stay tuned for a separate announcement about how to get involved.

New Factions
SAN - It is my pleasure to announce Decabyte the first ever Faction Leader to run San Andreas Network. Over the coming weeks we will be working closely together to work on IC articles and encourage that line of roleplay. With this will coming a unique SAN script to assist them with in-game reporting.

If you're interested in getting involved, please get in contact with Decabyte.

USAF - United States Armed Forces, something never tried on a Heavy Roleplay Server, so we've figured to give it a run and see how it goes. But rest assured, you won't have military personnel driving around pulling people over, this will be restricted to heavy roleplay confined in Area 51, they will only leave when conducting training in secluded areas, and when disaster strikes. (This is in-line with our events team.)

National Service will be promoted through IC means, and players will be able to sign up! - From there, you'll be assigned to a team, where you specialise, and develop your characters in the military. IC tasks will include, but won't be limited to:

- Maintaining Equipment and Vehicles.
- Transporting Weapons and maintaining stocks of local Law Enforcement Agencies.
- National Security, handling threats to national security.
- Air Traffic Control & enforcement.
- Humanitarian & Crisis Response in line with local Law Enforcement.
- Conducting parades, and making uniform appearances at special events.
- Training all over the state, exploring different terrains
- Large scale logistics.
- Securing and guarding the State Gold Reserve.
- Maintain and enforce marine laws and legislation.
- Maintaining government buildings and grounds (Building, painting, gardening.)

The faction will hopefully give those a sense of belonging, and rather then a huge recruitment process, will be available for anyone over the IC age of 18 to enlist, and go through the various IC tests. It's a great way to develop a character, and will hopefully encourage people to get involved, I know I will be! - I congratulate Ares who has been selected as the Faction Leader - If you wish to get involved, please let him know!

SAGOV - It's finally time to open the Mayor position, and get a fully functioning government to join the chain of command, and finally relieve us Management of the task to allow us to work on development! - Stay tuned, and get your manifestos ready!

Hosted Tab
We like to do absolutely everything in our power to make this a success, and one option we have failed to explore is being on the Hosted Tab, despite its ridiculous monthly price tag; we, as of the 1st October 2018 will be on the Hosted Tab.

I look forward to seeing you all get involved,

Kind regards,

Eren & St3fan[NL]
Managers & Founders of LVRP.

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By FlowN
There would've been no issues if you actively listened to the suggestions and criticism instead of blocking and removing people from the community. You have your fault. Huge part.
Redsandz Finest

gooniez never say die !! !! :ugeek:


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There would've been no issues if you actively list[…]