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Date of incident:9/7/2018

Rules broken:DeathMatching/Killing in a Safezone.

Your ingame name: Tishawn Jacent

Names of witnesses (if applicable):N/A

Explanation of the incident (250 word limit): I logged in the game, I saw chase woods pulling up on his bike then switched his vehicle to a Freeway, then I asked him for a ride to the dealership near the hospital, Then while I was walking away he told me wait, then he poorly role-plays pulling out a glock 19 (desert Eagle) and killing me, shooting at me multiple times. Note that I lost my hard earned mp5 witch I had since Monday.

Evidence: Image

1. You pulled your glock on me at the quarry with my friend Jacob and Jacob can clarify that you did actually do it...

2. Its not deathmatch since I had a reason to kill you.

3. I killed in a safezone which I forgot it was a safezone which everyone does mistakes....

4. When I realized I did that I then said sorry that I did it in /B

5. Why you got an mp5 on you... isnt that non rp.

6. It wasnt Deathmatch, the only thing I did wrong was kill you in a safezone.
My reason for killing you was if you remember and you had better remember cause it was just a few days ago I was talkin' to my friend Jacob IC wise and you came in talkin' somestuff and blah blah blah you then pulled your gun on me so me and my friend Jacob acted cool and all sorts just so you know IRL if you pulled a gun on me obviously ill try to come kill you .-.
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